Film Proposals and Financing Manual

Everything you need to write your film business plan

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Learn everything you need to write your film business plan and then find and pitch film investors. The Film Proposal Financing Manual covers all the business aspects of turning your film ideas into your reality. Here are a few of the sections in the manual:

  • Business Plan - full outline and detailed descriptions of each section, where to find the information you need, exactly how to do Financial Projections and Comparable Film Projections with current industry statistics, graphs and charts you can use right in your own business plan.
  • Financing Sources - hundreds of ways to get soft- and hard film funding, various types of film investments and which tools you need for each. PPM vs Business Plan, crowdfunding, active and passive investors, JOBS Act, tax incentives and more!
  • Film Investors - tips for finding movie investors, things you MUST know before approaching them and what you can do right now to attract investors.
  • Film Investor Tips - easy and inexpensive ways to get investors to want to write you a check on the spot, what to say, how to say it and how to instill confidence in your investors.

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